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We welcome well-behaved pets in the spring and fall only

Pets are permitted at these times:

May 10, 2024 through June 21, 2024  &
August 16, 2024 through October 26, 2024

Sorry, pets ARE NOT permitted from June 22-August 15, 2024

What we expect from pet owners:

  • Be in control of your pets at all times
  • Take full responsibility for your pets at all times
  • Clean up after your pet(s)
  • Pets are never to be left unattended without prior permission

Pet policies:

$60 per pet per stay fee. Max of two pets per unit

Pets are not allowed in the main lodge at any time (This includes Rooms 1-6 and the Master Studio and The Game Room)

Pets are not permitted on any furniture in any rental units (If your pet is having trouble remembering this rule, stop in at the office for extra sheets to protect the furniture)

Please check with us at the office prior to leaving any pet unattended

For your cleaning-up convenience, we provide scoopers at various locations around the property

We are happy to provide any extra cleaning materials you might need to tidy up after your pet prior to check out

If our crew has to spend extra time and resources cleaning up after your pet, or if there is any damage or destruction caused by your pet, extra fees will be added to your bill

We reserve the right to ask disruptive, destructive, and/or rule-breaking pets and their owners to leave the property without refunds/compensation

Our own Jolli-Dogs

Juniper, our Rottweiler/Husky mix, spent her life running the woodland trails of Leelanau, sleeping on the lawns and wading in the Lake Michigan waves at the Jolli-Lodge. “Juni” introduced Greg and Lisa back in 2010, and we are forever grateful for the leading role she played in our lives. She peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge in 2021 at the age of 13. She brought immeasurable joy to our family and guests over the years and is dearly missed.

Badger came into our lives in the winter of 2020. One of dozens of puppies rescued by a local woman on a mission to save as many dogs as possible when shelters around the country shut down, Badger won our hearts the moment we saw him. With a face nearly identical to Juni’s, we felt we had known him for years on day one. He delights and entertains our family and Jolli-Lodge guests with his sweet nature and clever antics. Ever since Badger figured out he could make lots of new friends at the winery across the street, we have kept pretty close tabs on him. While you won’t likely see him wandering the property on his own anymore, you will certainly see him in the office, taking walks and swims with his people, and hanging out in his personal fenced-in part of the yard.

Penny is a frequent visitor and sometimes resident at Jolli-Lodge. In late 2020,, our daughter Sierra rescued Penny from the side of the highway in a remote part of northern Arizona. Even though Penny was quite ill and malnourished at the time, she was always incredibly affectionate and loving. After loads of care and medical attention, Penny has made a full recovery and is now in possession of what is arguably the waggiest tail in the universe. If she is at the Jolli-Lodge, she can usually be found wherever her pal Badger is.

Pet Friendly Lodging